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                  發表日期:2018-11-15  作者:辰工科技技術部轉載






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                  Warm Congratulations on Our Company "Chengong Dense Oil and Gas Production Data Analysis Software", "Chengong Fracture-hole Type Reservoir Well Testing Analysis Software" Have Been Identified As New Products in Anhui Province in 2018 (The Third Batch)

                  Publish Date: 2018-11-15  Author: Chengong Technology Department

                  Under the organization of Anhui Economic and Information Commission, our company "Chengong Dense Oil and Gas Production Data Analysis Software" and "Chengong Fracture-hole Type Reservoir Well Testing Analysis Software" two products declared the third batch of new products in Anhui Province in 2018. The two products have the software inspection report, the science and technology novelty search report issued by the professional department, and the use report provided by the product user, through the Economic and Information Commission verification, the expert review, and the opinion asked from related industries, finally obtained the Anhui Province new product certificate.

                  "Chengong Dense Oil and Gas Production Data Analysis Software" and "Chengong Fracture-hole Type Reservoir Well Testing Analysis Software" are developed by our company according to the new technical requirements of the oil field, including the latest technology and research results, which have been gradually applied to the production and development of the oil field, and great economic and social benefits will be produced in the future.

                  The Chengong Dense Oil and Gas Production Data Analysis Software uses the flow and pressure data in daily production to retrieve formation parameters. According to the theories of seepage mechanics, wellbore pipe flow and so on, the data of flow and pressure in oil exploitation are inversed, and the productivity prediction is carried out by using the inversion parameters. The software provides hundreds of seepage mechanics equation solving methods, wellhead to bottom hole pressure conversion, traditional and combined simulation analysis methods, well testing design, productivity prediction and visual display functions, and innovatively puts forward the virtual equivalent production time method, which replaces the original pressure in the next production stage by changing the average pressure of the working system time, and equivalent converts the actual data into piecewise continuous data. The original formation pressure is corrected reasonably, so as to solve the problem of data mutation caused by frequent change of working system in actual oil wells.

                  According to the reservoir characteristics of fracture-hole reservoir, Chengong fracture-hole type reservoir well testing analysis software develops the oil and gas state equation, rock constitutive relation and so on research. The seepage equation of bedrock-fracture-hole combination considering oil and gas state and rock constitution under formation condition is established, and the well testing model is established according to the three types of well, fracture-hole and seepage. A new model in accordance with the characteristics of fracture-hole type, the solution of the new model equation of fracture-hole type reservoir well testing and the full history simulation algorithm of fracture-hole type well testing are put forward, thus a well testing method which can calculate the characteristic interpretation parameters of fracture melt such as hole volume and distance is formed, and the coincidence rate between the interpretation conclusion of characteristic fracture hole and the dynamic cognition is more than 80%.

                  Our company has been engaged in the research and development of petroleum engineering software, the researched products have been recognized by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, we are extremely excited and cheered, our company will continue to work hard, strive for greater progress, and contribute to the development of technology.

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