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                  發表日期:2021-12-23  作者:辰工科技技術部





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                  Congratulations on our company's passing the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province in 2021

                  Publish Date: 2021-12-23  Author: Chengong Technology Department

                  Recently, Anhui Science and Technology Department, Finance Department and Taxation Bureau jointly issued 《the notice on publishing the list of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province in 2021》, announcing the list of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province in 2021, among which our company Hefei CHENGONG Technology Co., Ltd. was listed.

                  In order to promote the development of China's high-tech industry, the Ministry of science and Technology issued 《the administrative measures for the identification of high-tech enterprises in 2008》. The measures put forward higher requirements for the identification of high-tech enterprises, including the need to have independent intellectual property rights, products (services) within the specified scope of high-tech fields supported by the state, the proportion of scientific researchers, R & D investment Income proportion of high-tech products (services), development organization and management level, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, etc. In order to successfully obtain the high-tech enterprise certificate, the senior leaders of the company paid close attention to it. On the basis of fully learning and digesting the recognition conditions of high-tech enterprises, the company formulated a detailed work plan. After many months of hard work, with the cooperation of various departments, the company defined the work nodes, concentrated key personnel, and conducted in-depth research and discussion on key and difficult problems. We have successfully completed the submission of online and written materials on time and quality.

                  This is the fourth time since our company obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate for the first time in 2008. It is the full affirmation of our technology, management, service level and innovation strength by the government and the industry. At the same time, it also fully shows the increasing competitiveness of our company in the field of petroleum exploration and development and engineering software development in the petroleum industry, as well as the increasing economic benefits.

                  Our company will also take this opportunity to continue adhering to the concept of technology first and continuous innovation, further increase R & D investment and improve core technology competitiveness; Further promote the process of independent innovation and independent R & D, strengthen the company's technological innovation ability, and provide strong technical support for the rapid development of enterprises!

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