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                  圖1 順序壓裂應力

                  圖2 交替壓裂應力

                  圖3 不同地應力和壓裂順序裂縫寬度對比

                  圖4 水平井順序壓裂x方向應力分布對比

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                  According to the research development of fracturing and large-scale volume fracturing in dense oil and gas development, various studies based on solid, fluid and fluid-solid coupling are provided, two-dimensional PKN, KDG and radial model calculation, psudo-three-dimensional model calculation and so on are provided, and the inversion analysis of ground pressure construction data is provided.

                  Multi-fracture stress interference analysis and spacing optimization.

                  Hydraulic fracturing of orthotropic rocks.

                  Numerical simulation of proppant migration and laying.

                  Coupling model of hydraulic fracturing and production evaluation.

                  Optimization and comparison of sequential fracturing and simultaneous fracturing spacing.

                  Optimization and comparison of sequential fracturing and alternating fracturing spacing.

                  FIR is used to filter the pump shutdown data in fracturing construction, and the well testing analysis method is used to explain the formation parameters, and the productivity prediction after pressure is provided.

                  Figure1: In-order fracture stress Figure2: Cross fracture stress Figure3: Comparison of the fracture width of different in-situ stress and fracturing sequence Figure4: Comparison of stress distribution in x direction of sequential fracturing of horizontal wells
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