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                  軟件通過處理和分析油氣井壓裂改造施工后的停泵壓降數據,實現單層、單段和全井壓裂改造效果評價的過程。其具體過程是測量井口壓力、排量和砂濃度數據,通過分析壓力降落的變化趨勢,達到反演裂縫參數和改造區域(SRV)參數的目的,科學地評價壓裂改造效果,為后續油氣開采制度的制定和優化提供理論依據。 …… >> 詳情
                  Chengong oil and gas nodal analysis software mainly focuses on the formation seepage flow of each well, the pipe flow of wellbore and the throttling of oil and gas nozzle and the prediction of production capacity, and provides the optimization of integrated production system from underground, throttle valve and surface... >> Details
                  According to the actual situation of formation oil and gas water, the high pressure physical parameters of oil, gas and water (PVT) calculation, the fluid phase state calculation based on flashing, bottom hole pressure calculation, wellbore pressure and temperature calculation, productivity well testing and prediction, etc. are proceed... >> Details
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